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Prefab houses are always known for their cost-effectiveness and quick construction time. So with a value of 100 million, what kind of prefab house will have the structure and characteristics? Take a look at the key notes when building a 100 million prefab home and refer to the GETA Best Updated Home Model below. 20 most beautiful prefab house models worth 100 million today

Báo giá thi công Bungalow, nhà Bungalow đẹp giá rẻ

Construction of prefab house 100 million VND

Prefab houses are types of houses that use “light materials” that are pre-manufactured at the factory, then assembled and finished at the construction site. The structure of this type of house will include the following parts:
  • Column – truss – beam system: This is the skeleton of a house, usually made of CT3 steel, wood, galvanized box and U material. The frame will be broken down into components at the factory and then shipped to the factory. On the website.
    Visors and partitions: Panels and partitions are responsible for covering the building by connecting the rafters together. These panels are available in thicknesses from 50 to 100mm.
  • Roofing system: Homeowners need to choose rust-resistant material with good insulation and 50-100mm thickness for roofing. The most common roof type is PU + PP corrugated steel or Foam corrugated steel.
  • Door system: Doors in prefabricated houses include doors and windows. Materials for making doors and windows should choose steel panels made of resin or glass, aluminum, plastic, steel core.
  • Ceilings: Depending on the needs of the homeowner can choose the appropriate type of ceiling, preferably plastic or plaster ceilings to save costs.
    Home appliances: plumbing system, bolts, connecting beams, foundations, house frames, roof tiles, roofing.
Hoàn thiện phần khung gồm các cột kèo xà cho nhà lắp ghép 100 triệu

Frame finish including raft for 100 million prefab homes

Distinctive features of 100 million prefab houses

  • Although prefab houses have appeared for a long time, they have been selected to be built as residential houses in recent years. This is explained by the features that this type of house has:
  • Saving construction costs
    Prefab houses use cheap materials, construction is easy and fast and do not need to be dismantled like a house made of concrete. Therefore, the total cost of finishing prefabricated houses is low which helps homeowners save a lot of money. You can become the owner of a fully assembled house for only 100 million VND.
    Fast construction time
  • Since the main parts of the house are already manufactured, it is only necessary to assemble them at the construction site after completion. The assembly is also very simple, easy to process, so it usually only takes 6-8 weeks. With classic concrete house models, it will take at least 2-3 months to complete.
  • Easy to repair and change
    The main feature of prefab houses is the use of a system of screws and bolts to connect the building components together. So from assembly to disassembly is the simplest way to dismantle or dismantle an entire house to another location when the need arises.

Prefab houses are a cost-effective solution

Should you build a prefab house worth 100 million?

To properly assess whether to build a 100 million prefab house or not, it should be based on your needs, goals and financial capabilities. Accordingly, the main advantages of this type of house will be basic, including: fast construction, low cost, good aesthetics, environmental friendliness, and easy to move and repair.
However, the disadvantages of prefab houses will be issues that you need to consider more carefully. As a result, this type of house has a short lifespan and is not suitable for city houses due to the difficulty of transporting and assembling components.
From here it can be seen that prefabricated houses are best suited for temporary housing projects, factories, warehouses or short-term projects. In addition, if you are financially limited and want to own a home, this is still a good option to consider.

20 Most Beautiful 100 Million Prefab Homes Today

Under the continuous improvement of material and structure, more and more prefab models now appear. Quickly update Prime 20, the most beautiful example of a $ 100 million prefab home here:

Prefab model house 50 million VND

Nhà lắp ghép giá rẻ

Cheap prefab houses

2 bedroom prefab house model

Mẫu nhà lắp ghép 2 phòng ngủ hiện đại

Modern 2 bedroom prefab house

Model house with 3 bedrooms

Mẫu nhà lắp ghép 3 phòng ngủ hiện đại

Modern 3 bedroom prefab house

Modern prefab model

Nhà lắp ghép phong cách hiện đại

Modern style prefab house

Triangle prefab house model

Nhà lắp ghép tam giác

Triangle prefab house

Model of prefab garden house

Nhà lắp ghép phong cách sân vườn xanh mát

Prefab house with green garden style

Luxury prefab model

Mẫu nhà lắp ghép sang trọng

Luxury prefab model

2-storey villa model

Mẫu nhà lắp ghép 2 tầng

Model of 2 storey prefab house

Model of cheap prefab house

Nhà lắp ghép giá cực rẻ

Prefab houses are very cheap.

Minimal square prefab house model.

Nhà lắp ghép tối giản

Minimal prefab house.

Model of prefab house with triangular roof

Mẫu nhà lắp ghép mái tam giác

Model of prefab house with triangular roof

Model of prefab house using cement board

Nhà lắp ghép sử dụng tấm cemboard

Prefab house using cement board

Simple prefab model

Mẫu nhà lắp ghép đơn giản đẹp

Beautiful simple prefab house model

Model of prefab house with small villa

Biệt thự mini lắp ghép

Pre-arranged small villa

Model house with 4 bedrooms

Nhà lắp ghép 4 phòng ngủ

4 bedroom prefab house

Prefabricated house model with low price under 100 million VND

Mẫu nhà lắp ghép dưới 100 triệu

Model of prefab house under 100 million VND

Advanced prefab model

Mẫu nhà lắp ghép cao cấp

Advanced prefab model

Examples of prefab villas for young families

Nhà lắp ghép rẻ cho gia đình trẻ

Cheap prefab houses for young families

Model 1 bedroom prefab house

Thiết kế nhà lắp ghép 1 phòng ngủ

1 bedroom prefab house design

Above is the main information about 100 million prefab houses and popular house models in 2023. Hopefully, with the above information, readers can better understand the pros and cons of this type of house and get a decent home design idea.
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