7 trends of smart prefab houses today

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The trend of modern house construction is convenient and fast, has been widely applied around the world. The prefabricated building model was born to meet today’s needs.
On the Vietnamese market today, the method of building prefab houses is quite new. With modern luxury design ideas to save time and costs, Geta is one of the pioneers in design consultancy and construction of modern prefabricated houses in Vietnam… The message of this article Geta would like to send to you, the most popular prefab house trends in Vietnam market. Hope this article helps you to have more choices.

Trend of a unique homestay


The trend of homestay business in tourist attractions is very popular, homestay prefab houses with exquisite designs catch up with the trend and quickly fight against cost maximization.
Selecting the prefab homestay model is one of the optimal choices of investors, with impressive and new designs to meet the needs and tastes of those who like to experience travel.


The trend of 2 prefab wooden houses as a tourist resort

Wood materials combine with glass walls, creating a modern prefab house that is no less classically luxurious. Just meet the needs of living, and save money as well as time. combine a comfortable and peaceful resort space in harmony with nature.

Xu hướng 3 prefab houses with 1 floor minimalist design

With a luxurious design, open space, optimizing the use area, making the most of the inherent natural scenery. This one-story house model is the most popular today, with reasonable construction costs and savings, suitable for small families with low costs but want to own a house that is both luxurious and modern. is the best solution for you.

Trend of 4 luxury prefab villas

Except for the trends of building homestays or wooden houses, prefab houses are also used in the construction of villas. You will lose a lot of time and even costs, when building a villa in the traditional way. Villas are built in the style of prefab houses, saving both time and money for users. Combined with unique and luxurious designs, no less than traditional construction methods.

The trend of 5 prefab houses as exhibition centers

If a large-scale exhibition center is built in the traditional way, it will take a long time. But with the prefab construction method, the work becomes simpler and faster. Prefab houses have a unique and modern architecture that is difficult for traditional houses to own.

Trend of 6 prefab houses with 1 floor antique wood paneling

The open space design, replacing the walls with heat-resistant and soundproof wooden walls, combined with transparent glass helps the house become more luxurious and modern. Open up a quiet space to immerse yourself in nature. Is this the design you’re looking for? If any! You can take note and contact Geta for advice.

Trend of 7 prefab 2-storey houses to save space

The model brings a sense of peace, with open space points, area optimization, modern style. This model is popular in the countryside, not only that, it is also suitable as an ideal vacation place for you.

It can be said that prefab houses are one of the most modern construction trends today. And even in the future, with the perfect combination of advantages. About the creative design, reasonable cost and quick construction time…If you are in need or want more information and how to build a prefab house, please contact Geta for advice. dental.