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Nội dung1 Structure of prefab model1.1 Foundation 1.2 Steel frame of prefab house1.3  Sub-texture2 Advantages and

The most popular low-cost prefab models today.

Nội dung1 1. Prefab ideas? 2  2. Materials for building Prefabricated houses?2.1        Super

20 most beautiful prefab house models with price of 100 million today

Nội dung1 Construction of prefab house 100 million dong2 Outstanding features of the 100 million

Making Prefab Houses In Cambodia

Nội dung1 GETAGROUP is a company specializing in manufacturing and installing prefab houses in Cambodia.2

Tan Chau Tay Ninh lighting project

CTY GETA is the construction unit of lighting works, decoration of Tan Chau monument. With

Street Welcome Gate

Nội dung1 What is Welcome Door? Featured2 Excerpt from the construction of the welcome gate

7 trends of smart prefab houses today

Nội dung1 Trend of a unique homestay2 3 The trend of 2 prefab wooden houses


Nội dung1 2018 Sunshine Group Road Decoration Project2 Contractor: GETA Co., Ltd2.1  SunGroup road decorations

20 latest articles on 100 topics

Nội dung1 Construction of prefab house 100 million VND2 Distinctive features of 100 million prefab