Prefab houses and beautiful house models according to the trend of 2023

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A prefabricated house is a type of house that is built from pre-manufactured parts at the factory, then transported to a place to be installed and assembled. Prefab houses can be built quickly, cost-effectively, and are environmentally friendly. However, prefab houses also have some disadvantages that you need to know before deciding to build. Here is some information about the concept, structure, advantages and disadvantages of prefab houses.

Prefab House Concept

Prefab house is a type of house with a steel or wooden frame structure, covered by partition panels, wall panels, ceiling panels and other equipment. Prefab parts are manufactured in the factory to standard sizes and designs, then transported to the site and assembled together with bolts, screws or glue. Prefab houses can be built on fixed or mobile foundations, depending on the requirements of the investor.

Prefabricated House Construction

The prefab house consists of three main parts: frame, partition and roof.

  • Frame: is the load-bearing part of the prefab house, usually made of steel or wood. The house frame consists of columns, beams, braces and struts. The frame is designed to be highly durable, vibration resistant and weather resistant.
  • Partition: is the part that surrounds the frame of the house, creating a living space for the user. Partitions can be made of different materials, such as wood, cement, composite, containers… The partition has the function of soundproofing, heat-insulating and waterproofing.
  • Roof: is the top cover of the prefab house, protecting the frame and partition from the effects of rain and sun. Roofs can be made of different materials, such as corrugated iron, tile, bitumen or green roofs. The roof has the function of blocking heat and draining water.

Advantages of Prefab House

Prefab houses have many advantages compared to traditional houses, such as:

  • Save time: Prefab houses can be built in 1 to 3 months, while traditional houses take 6 to 12 months to complete. This helps to shorten construction time and reduce labor costs.
  • Cost savings: Prefab houses are cheaper than traditional houses because they use less materials and are less incurred during construction. In addition, the prefab house also saves management and maintenance costs due to its long service life and less damage.
  • Environmentally friendly: Prefab houses use recycled or reused materials, reducing waste and pollution during production and construction. In addition, the prefab house also consumes less energy due to its high efficiency in sound and heat insulation.
  •  Flexibility in design: Prefab houses can be designed according to the wishes of the investor, from style, color to area and living space. The prefab house can also be expanded or collapsed according to usage needs.

Disadvantages of Prefab House

Besides, prefab houses also have some disadvantages that you need to consider before deciding to build:

  • Depends on the quality of the parts: Assembler’s parts are manufactured in the factory, they may be defective or not up to specifications. This affects the quality and longevity of the entire construction.
  • Limitations in movement: The parts of the prefab house due to their large size and weight make it difficult to transport from the factory to the construction site. This requires a specialized truck or trailer to move.

Beautiful house model according to the trend of 2023

                                                                           Modern house model in minimalist style


                                                                                Model of prefab house with luxurious wooden design


                                                                                             Impressive natural design

Beautiful and comfortable tubular prefab house model


                                                               Minimalist style, space-saving composite wooden house model

                                                                                      Classic luxury wooden house model

                                                                                      Modern style homestay model

Above are some models of prefab houses updated according to the male trend of 2023. Through this article Geta hopes, can help customers understand more about prefab houses. To add more knowledge about this type of construction. Contact Geta immediately if you have any questions or need advice.