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When and for what events are greetings used? How is the door structure? What are the popular types of welcome doors today, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each type? Quotation for construction of professional doors upon request. GETA is a unit with many years of experience in the construction of portals for major events and events. We will share useful information for customers through the following articles.
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What is Welcome Door? Featured

Welcome Door is an important event product used to welcome guests to the program. Therefore, the door design must be eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing and outstanding to attract customers and enhance the image.
Elegant appearance, vibrant colors, light weight, easy to transport and beautiful door design are often used for new product launches, project introductions, launch/screenings, movie screenings , awards ceremony, fairs, exhibitions… It is because of the importance of building the entrance gate of the advertising campaign that the campaign merchants are more rigorous in planning. Select the product design process unit.
Welcome doors are built for a variety of events and are beautifully designed to catch the eye.

Welcome door size 8x4m, 10x5m, 12x6m, 15×7.5m, 18x9m. According to the style and message of the program, the color of the welcome door is also very diverse. The content on the Welcome Portal usually has the event title, event name, message from sponsor and event time.

Excerpt from the construction of the welcome gate for the advertising campaign of a Vietnamese advertising company

Doors play an important role in each event and help attract and interest customers, so choosing a reputable and quality advertising construction unit for the project is very necessary. GETA GROUP  is a custom gate manufacturing company that guarantees customers quality, aesthetics, designs with the most competitive prices in the market. The price list for the design and construction of the door is also diverse depending on the needs and ideas of the customer, the price of the product depends on:
  • Welcome Door Type Used Welcome Door Dimensions
  • Gate style and design
  • Door material
  • Welcome to the door of traffic and construction conditions
  • Customer requirements for products
Design - KT - Kong - Zhao - Su Qian
There are many types of doors, each with a different price tag depending on the design and materials used.

If you need detailed advice on the right product for your needs, please contact us immediately at   0919511911 for support staff as soon as possible. In addition, we receive processing touch labels, Hiflex logos, billboards… for shops, cheap restaurants on request.

Cấu tạo của cửa đón như thế nào?

Doors are very important at every exhibition event to attract customers and create more interest in the event. Not only must have a beautiful design, but the structure of the product must also be sure to ensure safety when using. Today, there are many types of welcome doors for customers to choose from, the basic structure of the welcome door includes:
  • Gate base:  Usually made of solid concrete to help the gate swing safely in stormy conditions, preventing falling.
  • Steel frame:  The steel frame is machined and shaped, the gate can be disassembled for convenient transportation and ensures the security and safety of the gate when in use.
  • Anchor bar:  usually designed in the middle of the door body to keep the door fixed or extend the rope, hook to the ground to increase the durability of the product.
  • Standing feet:  Straight legs can be buried in the ground or fixed with a rope to ensure maximum safety for the gate from falling.
Thiết kế cửa công ty
Welcome door has many interesting and unique designs with many different sizes for customers’ reference.

The most common type of welcome door today.

Today, on the market, there are many different types of doors so that customers can choose the most suitable type of door according to their needs and needs at the event. Each type is made from different materials, has a design with different advantages and disadvantages, different colors, designs and does not overlap between active ports. Some popular types of welcome gates today are:
Steam door:  This is a popular welcome door at the opening/closing ceremony of a property. It has a simple design and bright colors. There are many models to choose from and it is very easy to transport and install. Used, cheap. This product is suitable for events, programs, events that happen quickly in a day.
Hiflex Welcome Door: This type of door uses a sturdy steel frame combined with Hiflex panels printed with images, customizable content and original design. This type of welcome door is low cost, quick to operate and can be used for events of the day or month, Hiflex color, long lasting, not easy to tear, easy to disassemble and reuse for the same screen. image. different locations.
Từ siêu hiflex
Hiflex canvas door frame large format, beautiful color.

Mica Welcome Door:  This is a high-class greeting door with a metal frame combined with the exterior mica design to add elegance and aesthetics to the building. This sealer lasts a few days longer than regular Hiflex, but it’s so durable that it can last for years and still retain the beauty of mica. This type of welcome door is suitable for long-term events or as a welcome door for tourist areas, resorts, and scenic spots.

Impressive and Aesthetic Mica Polytechnic University Welcome Door Design

LED Welcome Doors:  This type of welcome door is often found on the street, night market, exhibition, music performance, circus… The design uses LED lights and other lighting devices to make the entrance more attractive. At night. This product also has high durability, simple design, easy disassembly and low production cost.

Chì từ Chaodeng
Welcome Gate with brightly colored LED lights, prominent at night, is often used on the road.

Some beautiful, interesting and unique greeting door models

The current styles and designs of the door are very rich and diverse for customers to refer to and choose from, the door can also be made according to the needs, ideas and designs of customers. Viet Advertising with many years of experience in manufacturing and constructing all kinds of welcome doors, would like to introduce to customers the following interesting product models with creative and unique designs:

Welcome to Larue green beer brand, interesting and fancy design
Từ Shiomi
Unique design, large size and eye-catching door exhibit
Welcome door to small exhibitions According to the theme of the exhibition, the colors are simple and elegant.
Thực sự xinh đẹp
The elegant and beautiful entrance and the unique design of the book fair make a strong impression.
vũ hải
Welcome door with beautiful and diverse design, convenient for the opening ceremony
Triệu Thông
Bright and eye-catching welcome doors are installed at the entrance of shopping malls to promote products

The address specializes in designing and constructing professional greeting doors

To ensure the quality and safety of your gate, you should consult and choose reputable facilities to design and manufacture products. Viet Advertising is a company with many years of experience specializing in the construction of doors, logos, architecture, billboards, … for many large and small projects in Ho Chi Minh City. We are confident to bring the best quality products to our customers.
We have a lot of experience in the design and construction of doors using quality materials to ensure durability and high aesthetics for your project.
There are many different styles and designs of welcome doors for customers to choose from or design doors according to customers’ ideas.
A team of high-quality professionals ensures the safety and reliability of product design and construction.
Time to design products and products quickly, safe construction to ensure completion on schedule according to customer requirements.
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