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2018 Sunshine Group Road Decoration Project

SunGroup is a leading real estate, travel and entertainment company in Vietnam. SunGroup’s mission is to bring high-end and unique experiences to customers, and always focus on creating interesting, unique and environmentally friendly architectural and artistic works.

Contractor: GETA Co., Ltd

GETA Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in interior and exterior decoration, especially road decoration design and construction. With a professional, creative and hard-working team, GETA has implemented many large and small projects for well-known domestic and foreign clients.

 SunGroup road decorations to launch in 2018

One of GETA’s typical projects is the SunGroup 2018 Street Decoration Project. This is a project implemented on the occasion of SunGroup’s tenth anniversary. This project includes the decoration of the main roads in tourist areas, urban areas and entertainment areas managed and developed by SunGroup. The decoration design is modern and luxurious, reflecting the characteristics of Vietnamese culture. Items include:

SunWorld Ba Na Hills Welcome Gate: The largest welcome gate of the project is designed in the shape of a rainbow with bright colors . The welcome gate is equipped with a modern LED system that changes color according to the time of day and theme.
SunWorld Fansipan Legendary Ikebana: One of the highlights of this project is the dragon-shaped design around the foothills of Mount Fansipan. The ikebana consists of thousands of natural and artificial flowers, creating a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. SunWorld Halong Complex
: Art, light, sound and water come together. The fountain is designed in the shape of a playful dolphin overflowing the water. The fountain is also equipped with LED lights and speakers, creating a fun and lively show.
SunWorld Danang Wonders Christmas Tree: The tallest Christmas tree in Vietnam, designed with big wheels. The Christmas tree is decorated with thousands of lights, necklaces and Christmas items. The Christmas tree can also spin like a real wheel, creating a glowing light effect.

In 2018, the road decoration project of Sun Group has attracted the attention and love of many Chinese and foreign tourists. The project not only enhances the living space, but also contributes to the image of SunGroup and Vietnam in the world.



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