Tan Chau Tay Ninh lighting project

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CTY GETA is the construction unit of lighting works, decoration of Tan Chau monument.
With a stylized design combined with a variety of colors to create an outstanding highlight.

Decorative LED products have the advantage of creating beautiful lights.

and especially the shaping is very rich with the most rigorous but very simple techniques.

Therefore, LED lights are more and more popular in decoration.



If there is a need for urban lighting works
Please contact us at the following address for advice, we are always here to assist you.
Hotline:  0919511911 (24/7) for free consultation.
Address:  KP1 Tan Chau Town, Tan Chau District, City. Tay Ninh
Hotline:  0919 511 911 (MR.CONG)
Email: duccuong.vnn@gmail.com
Website: www.getagroup.vn