The most popular low-cost prefab models today.

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The article mentions the advantages and models of prefab houses, including flexibility, ease of construction, low construction costs, good heat and sound insulation, as well as flexibility in construction on many different plots. However, many people still believe that prefab houses are only suitable for camps or workers’ houses. In fact, many developed countries such as Korea, USA, Japan, Australia use prefab houses for residential and apartment areas. The article introduces a beautiful and interesting prefab house to show the diversity and practicality of this type of house.

Now let’s see how simple things shine in the design below!

Modular Technology - Modular Home Technology

1. Prefab ideas? 

Prefab houses are specialized types of prefabricated houses. Some common types of prefab houses are: modular houses; Short clips; Or industrial plants. Accordingly, prefabricated houses are pre-manufactured at the manufacturing plant, often in standard parts that can be easily transported and assembled. Some of today’s prefab designs include architectural details inspired by postmodernism or futurism.

 2. Materials for building Prefabricated houses?

       Super Light Concrete:   This is a good thermal and sound insulation material for plywood houses. Concrete is also a familiar material in the construction of traditional houses and is trusted by many customers.

     Panels:  This is an economical material for prefab homes. They are often used as partitions to reduce construction costs. Boards are cheap, but still guarantee some basic criteria in construction, so they are also popular.

     Cemboard & Styrofoam: Cemboard & Styrofoam are two popular building materials today. Cemboard panels are high strength, good fire resistance and easy to build. Styrofoam is sound resistant, heat insulating and lightweight. These two materials can be combined to create a beautiful and economical construction .                                                                                            

20 most beautiful prefab house models worth 100 million today |  DURAflex

 3. Advantages of Prefab House?

   High aesthetics , smart creative design: With prefab home, you can not   only design your home in different styles to your liking and color, but also get the experience of the right living space. Designed just for you.

2 bedroom prefab house - 8 beautiful house models and notes when choosing

 No harm to the environment : When building a house before assembly, the dust will be limited to the environment without the use of traditional construction materials such as cement, sand, stone ….

 Save on investment costs: The cost of building a prefabricated house is only 1/2 of a traditional house, even the cost can be more economical. In addition, the construction is agile, disassembly is easy, and the structure is very strong, durable, very good sound and thermal insulation. 

 Save construction time : Construction of prefab house takes only 8 weeks from the start of construction, you can check and accept the job.

 – With this model, you can build on a lot of land, such as lowlands, mountains … and can easily move to other locations.

 Easy to move or move house: That is why when there is a need to dismantle or expand, change or expand any part of the house without affecting the whole. 

4. How much does it cost to build a prefab house?

Types of prefab houses Unit  Unit Price (Million VND / M2)
1 storey civil house m² floor 1,5tr – 2,5tr / m²
1-storey prefab house m² floor 1,7tr – 2,9tr / m²
Prefab Villa m² floor 2tr – 3,5tr / m²
Prefab Office, Operator House m² floor 1.8tr – 2.8tr/m²
Prefab House Cafe Restaurant m² floor 1,6tr – 2,9tr / m²
Prefab houses for workers’ housing m² floor 1,3tr – 2,9tr / m²
Mobile prefab house m² floor Contact

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